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The Sarah Source Owned by: Buff-Wuff
Dan's SMG Site Owned by: dvaughan
Simpley SMG Owned by: Bri
Ultimate SMG Page! Owned by: Trendygirl
SMG Scan Site Owned by: Jabba
SMG Only, SMG Owned by: WebMaster
SMG Kingdom Owned by: M. Vampire
Sarah M Gellar - Star of BTVS Owned by: SlayerX
Joshua's SMG Worship World Owned by: Xander
SMG Massacre Owned by: Jack
Web Entertainment Owned by: Gorbanzo
Skippy's Simply SMG Owned by: Skippy
Prophecy girl's tribute to the slayer Owned by: Prophecy girl
Xander's Shrine to Buffy Owned by: Xander683
Planet Buffy Owned by: BuffyChiq
Sarah's World Owned by: Lisa.d
Lewis' SMG/Buffy website Owned by: Xeon
SMG World Owned by: SMG Rulz
Buffy's Desktop Owned by: Leigh
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