Here you can learn some basic html. And there are a few advanced tips. More will be added shortly.

To use HTML, you start with your basic text, then insert commands called "tags" that tell the computer how to display your words. The tags also help you structure your text into titles, headings, and paragraphs.

Remember most tags have an opening and a closing tag. The closing tags have the slashes in front of the command. If the HTML requires a closing tag it won't work without it. Or sometimes if you're changing the color of your text and you don't put on a closing tag all the text after your opening tag will be whatever the tag was for.

First, you want to let the computer know that you're writing an HTML document. The first tag you should enter in is <HTML> . Don't forget to enter in the closing tag for this command </HTML> and then write everything else in between.

<HEAD></head> Sets off the title and other information that isn't displayed on the Web page itself, like meta tags (see below).

<body></body> sets off the visible portion of the document.

<BODY BGCOLOR="#?"> Sets the background color.

<body text="#?"> Sets the text color.

<body link="#?"> Sets the color of links.

<body vlink="#?"> Sets the color of followed links.

<body alink="#?"> Sets the color a link will turn when a user clicks on it.

The question mark is where you would put the color code for your text.

This is what all that looks like put together.



<BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" text="#FFCC00" link="#990000" vlink="#990000">

You put all you HTML, text, and pictures in here.


You can also replace the BGCOLOR with a background image. It will look like this:

<BODY BACKGROUND="IMAGE URL" text="#FFCC00" link="#990000" vlink="#990000">

You can also add BGPROPERTIES="fixed" to make it so the Background stays put while everything else move. Makes scrolling down the page much smoother. You add this command Here:

<BODY BACKGROUND="IMAGE URL" text="#FFCC00" link="#990000" vlink="#990000" BGPROPERTIES="fixed">

Other Topics: To make A Link / To put up an image / To make scrolling text / Making Tables / Basic Tags / To make an email link / To Make Bouncing text / Some Java Script

To Make A link go to another part of the same Page.

<A HREF="#Put you target name here."></A> This is what you use for the link. <A NAME="Make up a name for the target"></A> This is what you use to name the part of the document that the link goes to.

To Make A link

<a href="The url of your link">Your link name</a>

The Slayer Society
Now it's a link. You can also put an image URL where the link name would be.

To put up an image

<IMG SRC="The URL of your image">


To Make scrolling text

<marquee>This is scrolling text</marquee>

This is scrolling text

To Make Bouncing text

<marquee behavior="alternate">This is Bouncing text</marquee>

This is Bouncing text

To make an email link

<A HREF="">Songbird21</A>



<P> Adds a paragraph break.

<BR> Adds a line break.

<B></B> Makes your text bold.

<I></I> Makes your text Italic.

<center></center> This centers your text.

<DD> Indents a paragraph <blink></blink> Makes blinking text. (On Netscape only)


Okay some basic terminolgy. A CELL is what you put each thing for your table in. CELLSPACING controls the distance between the cells. CELLPADDING controls the space between the cell's contents and the cell itself. Where ever you see "value" you replace that word with a number to control that particular attribute.

Start with: <table></table>

To start a cell: <tr></tr>

Put the cell contents inside these tags. <td></td>

<td align=center></td> makes the text in your cell centered.

You can also replace the 'center' with left, right, bottom, or top.

border=0 makes it so your table has no border.

This is what it looks like put together:

<table cellspacing=15 border=6>
<td align=left>Hi people</td>
<td align=center>You can also put tables side by side</td>
<td align=center>Yup yup</td>
Hi people
You can also put tables side by side Yup yup

A Little Bit Of Java

To make your links change color when people move their mouse over them:

Put this in between the <HEAD></head> tags: <style type="text/css"><!-- A:LINK, A:VISITED, A:ACTIVE {text-decoration:none;}A:HOVER {text-decoration:none; color:#FFCC00; background: black;} UL {font:Comic sans ms;}LI {font:Comic sans ms;}--></style>

You can change the color the text changes to when activated, the background colorof the box that appears(Or change the background to "none" to have no box), You can put underline in the text decoration area if you want to, and you can change the font that the text changes to.