Hi. My name is Songbird21. I am the president and creator of the Guild. Why do this you ask? Just for fun. And to help other webmasters (Both beginners and long time vetrans) have the best site they can. I am hoping that this will also become the largest collection of Buffy links on the web. This is for all of you who work so hard to make your sites the shrines to Buffy that they are.

This is a place where Buffy site owners can:

Find links to free graphics for their pages.

Get html help.

Get graphics designed for them.

Register their original pictures and icons so that other sites know that the pix are theirs.

Find links to great free web utilities.

Get entered into the Buffy site Oscars.

Have access to a message board.

Add their sites to the Guild faves voting booth.

And find places to have their sites hosted for free.


Access to the member's benefits.

A graphic to display on your page so everyone knows you're a member.

Your site listed in the member's links section.


Before you join the guild there's afew things you gotta know:

You must have a Buffy site to be a member.

If your site is not suitable for general audiances it will be listed in a special rated 'R' section.

Rated 'R' sites will not be eligable for the Buffy Oscars.

Make sure your URL is typed correctly when you sign up or I won't be able to find your site.

E-mail me if you have any problems with another member.

If your site is only one page, or you haven't even started it yet your application will be rejected.


You must treat all members with respect. Any flaming (Ie: name calling, or badmouthing) will not be tolerated.

Swearing is NOT allowed (For any reason) on the message board.

Some swears are acceptable in the chat room, but not many. A good rule of thumb: If you haven't heard it on Buffy I don't want to see it in my chat.

You may NOT use any graphics that are registered with the guild without permission from the owner/creator of said graphics. The only acception is if you can prove that their claim to that graphic is false.

Do NOT register graphics that you know are not yours. This is dishonest and can create fights.

If you want to provide graphic design design for another member you may not charge money. Do it for a link exchange or something similar, but don't treat this place like a buisness site.

If any of the rules are broken by a member they will recieve a warning. If it continues her's or his membership will be terminated immeadiatly! And you may not attempt to sign up again for at least six months. There will be NO exceptions unless you can prove you were wrongfully accused.

IMPORTANT!!!! Please do not sign yourself up as Buffy Summers, or any of the other characters. I have too many members with names like that and it gets confusing. There are exceptions. Something like Buffybabe is okay. As long as you have something original.

Also, if your site is named "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (Aside from it being beyond the point of unoriginal.) Your site will be listed as: Your name's, BTVS Page. (IE: Jamie's BTVS page) . The same applies to sites named "Welcome To the hellmouth" (IE:Welcome to Jamie's Hellmouth)

That said. If you agree to abide by all these items then sign up below!!

Nickname (Please go here To see if your name is already taken.:


Rate your site's content:


Site URL:

Site name:

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Till all vamps are slain,