This is where you can register your graphics with the guild. What's listed here are the graphics, the site thay can be seen on, and who owns/created them. You must e-mail the owners/creators to get permission to use their graphics. If you see a graphic listed here that you can PROVE is not the property of the listed owner please E mail me. Please do not contact the person yourself. I will deal with the problem.
If you would like to register your graphics just EMAIL me with the URLs of the graphics you want to register.

Just click on a site's name to see thumbnails of the
graphics registered graphics to that site.

The Slayer Show

The Slayer Society

Angel Love's Buffy

The BtVS Stakeout

Willow's Witchy Ways

The Slayer Committee

Best Friends, Or More?

Welcome to the Hellmouth

From Obscurity to Spin-Off's